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Like you, customer satisfaction means everything to us, so one area of our business we like to keep a close eye on is ensuring our end-users (colour clients) are completely happy with their Colourstart Passport experience.

To our delight, a recent survey* confirms everything we hoped for, and more. Apologies while we indulge and share our key findings, we know you’re going to love what you see…

An incredible 73% of users gave Colourstart the full 5-star rating with an average score of 4.6.

Overall, everyone surveyed said they would be disappointed if their hairdresser stopped using Colourstart. So if you’re ever in any doubt you made the right decision accepting Colourstart, put quite simply, you did; the extra effort needed to set it up is worth it. If you want to start accepting Colourstart Passport, our dedicated onboarding team can help you set up the best practice test. It doesn’t cost anything to get started, but it does need to be set up properly.

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One result in particular challenges us all to reconsider the costs of professional allergy screening. 79% think Colourstart will save them money compared to the cost of repeatedly visiting for an AAT.

Comparing Colourstart to a ‘free’ allergy alert test is wrong. Our research turns thinking of the AAT as ‘free’ on its head. The reality is most clients don’t believe the AAT is free – add together travel time and transport costs, not to mention the inconvenience – the AAT is not free for the majority of clients.

For colour businesses, the AAT is not free either. It takes time to test clients and store records securely.

With 79% of clients telling us that Colourstart is saving them money, our data suggests clients are happy to invest in good systems that save money and time for high-quality products and services.

Running Colourstart Passport costs the profession nothing, the client pays, and it creates a valuable client experience even before they sit in the chair.

Have you been thinking about it all wrong? Allergy alert testing is a hidden cost for your business and your clients.