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Creative freedom

The single, one-off* Colourstart test applies to all brands and colours; meaning you can use whatever colour you want, whenever. 

“You’re free to do whatever you creatively need; the old way of testing is now too restrictive.”

Regulated & clinically proven

Colourstart is the only clinically proven screening test for hair colour allergy (PPD) in the UK. Colourstart is licensed by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency).

As the only clinically proven product in the market, Colourstart is a genuinely high-quality product to screen our clients for allergy.”

Use at home

No more pre-appointment visits. Your client applies the patch test at home and logs their own results using the Colourstart Digital Passport app. 

Asking a client to visit the salon for a blob test 48 hours before every appointment, when some come in from 25 miles away, is unrealistic.”

Insurance cover

Colourstart provides a fully insured patch test process, so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered by Colourstart’s product liability insurance.

With Colourstart everybody is covered. You’re covered, your client is covered and we’re all doing the right thing.” 

Simple & easy to use

The Colourstart Patch Test is as easy to use as plaster—it’s as simple as that!

Even better, the Colourstart Digital Passport makes life easy for both client and hair professional–whether recording test results or keeping client records—it’s a breeze!

“No need for blob tests. And no need for all the manual record keeping we used to do; all the information is online.”

Time saving

Colourstart cuts out those costly and time-consuming pre-colour testing visits, saving you and your clients time and money.

What’s more, Colourstart Passport securely stores your client colour records online, meaning less admin and form-filling.

We can now devote the admin time we used to spend on record keeping to giving our lovely clients even more care and attention.” 

*Colourstart need not be repeated, subject to the correct use and negative reaction to Colourstart Patch Test as per the Patient Information Leaflet, and an ‘OK to colour hair’ status in any participating Salon’s Colourstart Professional Passport.