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Don’t get caught out

Hair professionals across the UK make sure they’re protected against hair colour allergy by running quality systems to screen before hair colour treatments. Are you?

With Colourstart you know you’re covered

Be confident with colour

Colourstart’s Product Liability insurance includes cover for the distribution or sale of Colourstart in your business, subject to policy conditions via the vendor’s extension. This means that our insurer may provide cover in the defence of a claim against your business where you have legal liability to a third party arising from the distribution or sale of Colourstart.

Furthermore, there is additional protection as a salon in the event of your insurer not accepting Colourstart within your policy wording. In the event of your salon insurer refusing to indemnify a claim for this reason, Colourstart’s policy will cover you in the event of a treatment claim raised by a third party. This is subject to you having a minimum of £2,000,000 of Public Liability and use of Colourstart as per the product instructions.

All cover is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.