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The complete 3 in 1 colour allergy testing system

Patch test

Clean and convenient, test at home, just the once

Colourstart Patch Test is a clinically proven patch test which screens for allergy to the hair colour ingredient para-phenylenediamine (PPD.). It is easy to use, as simple as applying a plaster!

Rather than visiting the salon for a pre-appointment test, Colourstart is applied at home by your client.

Just think of all the the time, hassle and money this saves you and your client!

Colourstart is designed as a single use product, so provided your client’s health status doesn’t change (as outlined in the patient information leaflet), you can colour again and again without further testing.

And finally, Colourstart applies across all hair colours and brands that contain PPD, so you aren’t restricted in your choices.

Complete creative freedom!

How to buy Colourstart

Hair Professionals and salons can register for a Trade Sellers Account to buy Colourstart if they would like to retail the product to their clients.

If you prefer, your clients can buy Colourstart directly from The team will get your clients colour-ready – so you don’t have to!

Client Passport

Test, record and share

Client Passport is an app to record Colourstart test results at home, and share them so you can see them in the salon.

Simply upload a photo when the patch is applied, and again after 96 hours (the patch is removed after 48 hours) – then record whether there has been a reaction.

No reaction means a green ‘OK to colour hair’ digital passport. Confirm this on your professional dashboard (see below) and you are ready to colour!

Any participating Colourstart hair professional will accept a green passport, making walk-in colour a reality for the first time.

Passport can be renewed anytime by retaking a set of screening questions. Provided nothing has changed the passport stays green and you are OK to colour again, and again, and again!

Now available to download from Google Play or App Store

Professional Dashboard

No admin or paperwork, all online, all secure

Colourstart Professional Dashboard is exclusively for Hair Professionals. It enables your clients to share their Colourstart Patch Test results and screening questionnaire results directly with you.

The all-in-one dashboard lets you invite clients to the Client Passport and view shared results. If they get a green “OK to colour hair” Passport, you can go ahead with their appointment, knowing they are colour ready.

After colouring, always click the blue ‘Redeem Passport’ button (just above center left of the screenshot).

This is very important because without this your client will not be able to retake the Screening Questionnaire and renew their Passport before their next colour appointment. 

Note: You will need to make your first trade purchase of Colourstart Patch Tests or become an approved Colourstart Salon before you can use the Professional Dashboard. Then you will be emailed an exclusive invitation to get started.