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Major UK salon brands are building their colour business with Colourstart. Here’s how:

  1. No limits to colour creativity
  2. Potential one-time-only testing
  3. Inclusive product liability insurance
  4. Simple record keeping
  5. Free product training
  6. Online business listing

1: No limits to colour creativity

Colourstart applies across all colour brands, tone, shade or colour-house, giving you the creative freedom to choose from a vast array of colour opportunities for your clients!

2: Potential one-time only testing

Repeated skin testing can be a chore, costing both time and money for you and your clients. Colourstart is potentially only required once–meaning less time and money spent testing, more time colouring, and more time doing what you do best!

3: Inclusive product liability insurance

Colourstart comes with its own £2m product liability insurance. With a potentially single-use application and simple-to-follow online steps you can rest easy knowing you’re covered by Colourstart. You can check out our policy summary to find out more!

4: Simpler record keeping

Colourstart’s free and simple to use Passport app securely stores your client test records online, freeing you from the hassles of paperwork, filing and admin. 

Prefer to keep things off-line or stick to your system while still getting the convenience, simplicity and cover of Colourstart? That’s fine, simply print out and use our new Certificate of Use instead!

5: Free product training

Get to grips with how it works with our free online product training. Learning everything you need to know about Colourstart. What’s more, you gain 1hrs CPD, officially accredited and certified by our friends at Trichocare Education, the leading educator in the science of the hair and scalp.

6: Online business listing

When you sign up with Colourstart you get the opportunity to reach new clients with a free listing on our online Colourstart Salon finder.