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One of the main benefits of using the Colourstart system is it meets the everyday demands of the hair professional – it doesn’t get in the way of the business of colour. 

In the second of our new series, we go deeper to understand all the ways our colourists are running their different types of business, and how Colourstart is helping.

This week we spoke to Hayley Smith, a freelance hairdresser who runs her business singlehandedly from her home-garden salon.

The lowdown: Hayley Smith works alone in her garden salon. She orders Colourstart for her clients, in the same way a salon does. 

How Hayley introduced Colourstart:

When I initially started with Colourstart, I connected with every colour client and explained how the Colourstart system worked, they then transferred the £15 fee and I posted out their patches to their house. This way, I knew I had every client on the same system, keeping them and myself protected, it was consistent and easy to manage from then on. Rolling Colourstart out across my whole colour clientele was a great use of time moving forward.”


Hayley’s thoughts on Colourstart:

“It is super user friendly for stylists and clients and I find it a really efficient way of managing client safety. Without a reception team, blob testing 48 hours before colour appointments would be difficult to manage in my busy schedule. It would cause constant interruptions to the bespoke relaxing experience I offer. By using Colourstart, clients can test potentially only once and re-screen at their convenience and I can manage redeeming passports super quickly at the start of each day. I use my booking system to automatically text clients 7 days prior to colour appointments to remind them to re-screen.”

The protocol with new clients:

“When I have a new client requesting a colour appointment, I’d always book an initial 15 minute consultation to discuss their goals and skin test. At this initial stage I always mention the fee of the Colourstart system and briefly explain the system. If a client is put off paying a £15 fee, it shows me they could potentially be unreliable and may not show. I like to have regular clients that prebook appointments. I never offer a blob test as an option. Having this charge helps me attract the right type of client that works for my business.”

Hayley’s advice to other freelance hairdressers:

“My advice would be to roll the system out to every colour client not just a proportion. Keep your standards high so its professional and efficient for clients and yourself.”