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Law Salons are a multi-award winning salon in Saffron Waldon. They’ve been part of the Essex salon scene since 2007.

Managing Director David Law explains why and how they’ve implemented Colourstart into their business.  

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ES: Tell me about your salon and the team…

DL: We are a family run business and a L’Oreal Colour Specialist Salon. The knowledge and expertise in our salon is second to none. We have won several awards, including NHBF Best Independent Salon and Salon Spy Best Salon Customer Service for the last three years.  The team consists of two L’Oreal Colour Specialists and a Consultant Trichologist as well as many other highly qualified stylists.

ES: How did you discover Colourstart

DL: As partners with Trichocare and Stephen James Trichology we were initially introduced to Colourstart around 12 months ago and noticed that some leading London salons have adopted Colourstart. Initially I was cautious and wanted to see how Colourstart was received by the industry. Having seen the high profile salons who were using Colourstart, it became clear that we needed to be part of the patch testing revolution too.   

ES: How were you previously skin testing? 

DL: We had previously skin tested in the traditional way with record cards, but that seemed so outdated now. We needed to change the way we were testing to keep up with the industry. Looking at the way the industry is changing you either become more professional or you get left behind. We had confidence in Colourstart and the reasons behind it, and we understood why we needed to go for it. This was the missing piece of the jigsaw for our business. I believe that in the future insurance companies will expect that level of testing & I think it’s very much the future of our industry. 

ES: How have you implemented Colourstart into your business?

DL: Our receptionist is very proactive. We had the initial training, we got the team engaged and covered all the questions we had, then we typed up a document that explained why we are using Colourstart and displayed it throughout the salon. We are now creating a booklet for clients to read which will explain everything they need to know about Colourstart, including the matter of insurance.

We have also used social media and SMS messaging to get the message out to all of our clients.  The key to implementing any new process is to win the support of your team, and although nobody likes change, with the help and phenomenal support of Colourstart, from their in salon training to the weekly Q&A Zoom Meeting set up by Colourstart’s Susan Ringsell.

ES: Have you had any resistance from clients?

DL: No not at all. At the moment we are only charging £8 till the end of June and so far, nobody has refused it.  Once the client understands why we are using Colourstart and the benefits it brings to them, they embrace it.  The key is to explain Colourstart fully. We find the best way to do this is for the stylist to introduce Colourstart, to let the client read about it and asks questions and then for the reception team to show the client how it works, even helping some clients to download the app, to register and even apply the patch.

Over the next 3 months we aim to get all our clients onto the Colourstart program, and since April all new clients are introduced to it when they have a consultation.