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Colourstart has become indispensable for many freelance hairdressers.

When Liam Dawson first heard about Colourstart through the Freelance Hairdresser’s Association, it wasn’t a move that he took lightly, but he’s pleased his clients are now joining using Colourscreen.Me. The major advantage for Liam is that he doesn’t need to hold stock, or send tests, and can use any colour brand he wishes.

I considered introducing Colourstart to my clients and gave it a lot of thought, but then I didn’t go any further. I kept revisiting the idea and then decided to go for it. I am so pleased I did, I hate paperwork! It is also good to digitise things as much as possible.

My business is solely freelance; I run a column in a salon called Robyn’s Hair in Plymouth and I do session work with various colour, styling and electrical brands too.

Having to skin test as a freelancer is a nightmare. It really annoys clients generally and I just don’t think people want to be bothered with a traditional skin test. It really is a hassle for clients’, and I do think it puts them off having colour generally. However, with Colourstart, clients genuinely love it and in my experience they are happy to pay the price.

When I initially introduced it, for my top regular clients I charged them but gave them a free treatment. However, cost hasn’t been an issue. I just explained to clients that this is what I am doing now, and if they want me to colour their hair that’s what they need to do. I send them the link from my website which goes straight through to, I don’t get involved and the whole process is really simple.

Directing clients to makes it really easy because it means I don’t need to carry any stock. Another major advantage for me as a freelancer, is that I work with multiple colour brands, so using Colourstart means I don’t need to worry about what product I am using as they’re all covered. The industry is changing so quickly, and this is definitely the future. It gives me a platform to skin test where I don’t need to worry about anything.