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Izabella Bordignon London

“One of the reasons we work with Colourstart is that it is truly an innovation, and as a brand, we want to bring innovation to hairdressing” says Izabella.

We want a fluid process when it comes to colouring, and as our clients are not local; they are  based all around London and outside of the city, we needed a solution that allowed them to test at home, which Colourstart offers,” she says.

On discovering Colourstart’s Passport system, Vinicius co-founder of Izabella Bordignon London, felt a strong brand alignment. “Healthy hair is our tag and there’s nothing better than working with a company that understand healthy hair. Client feels safe, we feel safe, and the online portal is very innovative. We can be in complete control.”

Customer support is so important to this salon that it invests time heavily in clients before they step into the salon. “When a client books an appointment, the first point of contact is usually WhatsApp. We will then have multiple conversations discussing their hair history, and what they want to achieve, that by the time they visit the salon we know everything about them,” adds Izabella.

For Izabella Bordignon London, the cost of Colourstart has never been an issue or questioned by clients. “Clients like it, and we haven’t had any problems at all. The main challenge was finding a partner that has the same vision as us, which is based on innovation and providing something different. Colourstart is that partner”.