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Jo Hansford is a name that is synonymous with stunning, premium colour. Jo was presented with an MBE in 2010 and has been declared as the ‘best tinter on the planet’ by American Vogue.

The Jo Hansford Mayfair salon is a renowned hub of colour excellence, with an incredible 29 year heritage favoured by London’s elite. In 2021 the brand expanded into Harvey Nichols, where it also has the blow dry bar.

With more than 90 staff, this is one busy colour empire, which Colourstart plays an important role in. 

Emma xxx

ES: Why did you decide to introduce Colourstart to your business?

JH: We realised after the pandemic that it was more challenging for clients to come into the salon to be skin tested pre appointment. Although we have always advised this and ensured new clients have a consultation in advance, the move to virtual consultations and the distance that many of our clients travel to see us means it is not always possible to do. We have a wide international audience as well as clients that visit from the Home Counties and throughout the UK and we need to make life simple and our services accessible to them.

ES: How do you factor in the cost? 

JH: We charge our clients £15 and they all appreciate the reason, and do not have an issue with it. 

ES: Have you ever had a client react to colour & if so how did you deal with it? 

JH: We have probably only had one reaction in nearly 30 years of business and the client took antihistamine straight away and went to the doctors. It was not a severe reaction, and she was fine. We do know other clients who were tested before visiting us as they have other allergies and we do not use colour with PPD on them.

ES: How does Colourstart help your business?

JH: Colourstart ensures we can offer an alternative should clients not make it to the salon for a consultation, which ultimately adds to our professionalism.