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Nuala Morey’s career has catapulted tenfold in recent years, and it’s thanks to the Colourstart Passport that she’s been able to position herself as the global curly hair expert, that literally has enabled clients to fly in from all over the globe for their hair appointment in her Bristol salon. Emma Summersby caught up with Nuala to find out more.  

ES: Nuala, we’re seeing you everywhere lately, how have you managed to grow your business so significantly? 

NM: It is honestly something that has happened very organically, but it all started in lockdown. We use Aveda colour and during lockdown, their skin testing regulations changed, and we were told we had to skin test 48 hours prior to a colour appointment. The guidance is that the test must be 48 hours and can’t be any less/more than that. Obviously that’s impossible to implement and it just doesn’t work for a busy salon. So, when I heard about Colourstart I decided this was the perfect solution for our business. 

ES: How did you become the curly hair expert?  

NM: This happened over a very long period of time. I didn’t like the way curly hair sat when I did my training, so as I became more experienced, I started experimenting with angles and cutting curly hair in a different way. I experimented with my new techniques and to my surprise, the results were amazing. Social media has been a massive platform for me and this really exploded when I started advising on colours and products for curly hair. During lockdown my profile really grew further afield and I attracted a lot of attention for my curly hair skills globally.  

ES: Do your clients travel from oversees to have you cut and colour their hair? 

NM: Clients come from all over the world – it is quite incredible. In recent weeks I have had clients from Canada, Australia, and I even had one lady from Texas travel to the UK for 2 nights just to get her hair done.

ES: How has Colourstart helped? 

NM: Once a client has their Colourstart Passport they can be anywhere in the world, and as long as they answer the screening questions, they’re good to colour. This has truly enabled me to service a global client base. I could not possibly have international clients fly in for a patch test 48 hours before I colour. 

ES: How have your existing client base adapted to using Colourstart? 

NM: I really believe it’s all about the language you use with your clients. Getting clients to come on board with Colourstart is exactly the same as when we recommend a shampoo. If you tell a client that they need to buy something, it just doesn’t sound good. Instead, we explain why the product is amazing, the benefits of using it and what it will do for you. Once you communicate it in the right way using language that clients can relate to, then the rest falls into place. 

ES: Has Colourstart helped you grow your colour business? 

NM: Most definitely. It is far better than a skin test because it’s all recorded digitally, plus we can use any colour brand or shade with our clients, which is a major bonus. Using Colourstart also frees up so much time. If you add up all the skin tests that we would need to do each week and the time it takes a stylist to do this, plus the effort and cost for the client of having to drive and park, just to come into the salon 48 hours in advance, it’s just not a smart use of anyone’s time. 

Nuala Morey is a fine example of how finding a niche can really help grow your business, and how Colourstart Passport unleashes opportunities that you might not have imagined possible.