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Paul Falltrick is a name that’s synonymous with the best of British hairdressing. So, when we heard that he’s collaborating with one of the best of British salons, The Vanilla Room in Hornchurch, we couldn’t wait to get the lowdown on this exceptional alliance. 

ES: Paul, what’s been happening in your career lately?

PF: I’m a brand ambassador for Alfaparf Milano Professional for the UK and Ireland, which I just adore. They’re a family-run business still and a really great brand. I am very passionate about this role, and I am fully committed to helping them build in the UK.

ES: Tell us about your collaboration with The Vanilla Room.

PF: I have admired Kerry and the team at The Vanilla Room for some time and have been watching their business develop into the incredible salon it is today. So, we’ve launched Paul Falltrick VIP at The Vanilla Room. I have a private room within the main salon and see clients a couple of times a week, which fits around my other projects. It’s working really well, and I am delighted to be part of this wonderful business.

ES: Did The Vanilla Room introduce you to Colourstart?

PF: I don’t colour personally, so I have to rely on what colourists tell me, and when I came to The Vanilla Room it was one of the first things the team said to me. It was non-negotiable – they have exceptional standards and are serious about colour, so Colourstart is the only option.

ES: How have you found it so far?

PF: I am so impressed by Colourstart. I feel that when the team are talking about Colourstart it says to the client ‘we take colour seriously’. Watching such senior colourists in action is really inspiring and it’s good for me to feel relaxed and confident in their ability. If you want to have the professional edge, it’s no longer acceptable in salons to just dab a blob of colour on someone.

ES: When you’re not travelling for Alfapart or seeing your VIP clients at The Vanilla Room, what other projects are you working on?

PF: I am passionate about giving back to the local community I’m lucky enough to find myself a part of. I like to seek out people that are the unsung heroes in our community and give something back to them. There are so many people doing amazing things for others who don’t get the recognition they so deserve, so we find those people and treat them. We give them the VIP treatment – an Indian head massage, luxury treatment and a cut and blow dry. We don’t do it for social media likes and we don’t shout about it, we are simply giving back and doing it quietly. If it encourages someone else to say ‘I want to give back’, then we are all truly making a difference to society.