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Harmonised Testing

The UK’s leading trade organisations have collaborated to define the first harmonised professional standard for managing the risk of hair colour allergy. The full announcement can be found at the end of this email. Leaders say the new best practice guidelines have been thoroughly researched and are a huge step forward in supporting informed choice.

“The new harmonised professional testing protocol is fantastic news for the hairdressing industry. Having three options that have been thoroughly researched and examined by our industry leaders makes it simpler to understand and easier for us to communicate to the public. This is something that the sector has needed guidance on for a long time, and I praise the organisations and individuals who have joined forces for the greater good of the industry.”

Gareth Penn, Registrar, Hair & Barber Council.

“Allergy alert tests are vital to protect clients and guard against potentially expensive legal action if something goes wrong. This is a huge step in the right direction, these collaborative guidelines will help raise standards and also support clients make an informed choice.”

Caroline Larissey, the Chief Executive at the National Hair and Beauty Federation (NHBF)

These new standards mean the profession finally has the opportunity to harmonise client experience and set the expectations about the right way to colour. It’s also an opportunity for companies to review their testing protocols against best practice benchmarks and validate these against individual insurance contracts; take heed of the advice about posting colour to clients for testing at home.

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A positive and confident start to 2024. Read the full release here.