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One of the main benefits of using Colourstart is that it’s been designed with all hairdressers in mind.  In the first of a new series, we’re exploring some of the different ways that our colourists are running their businesses, and how Colourstart is helping them.

Jack Tait who is the Operations and Project Manager at Charlie Miller salons. Jack shares how the salon is using Colourstart alongside Salon IQ software. 

Jack on Salon IQ:

Since Colourstart has become fully compatible with Salon IQ, this has made our lives a whole lot easier. We no longer have to switch between two programs to a Colourstart status, we have everything we need to see about a clients’ Colourstart Passport status in their Salon IQ record card. Our team find it easy to use, it’s not over complicated and everything can be done in one place. A new feature within software we are already familiar with is a lot easier to use rather than something completely new.”

Jack on clients’ experience of Colourstart:

We find that most of our clientele manage fine with the testing process and the Passport App. There are always a few clients with issues during the testing process, but most of this can be put down to information not been read and followed accurately. Some clients that are less familiar with technology can struggle with the system and these clients do need a bit more assistance with the process, but the team at Colourstart have always been wonderful at helping them through the process.”

Advice for salons considering using Colourstart with Salon IQ:

I think for any salons that already use Colourstart and Salon IQ they should definitely be using the two together. Why wouldn’t you? For Colourstart salons that are thinking of changing their booking software then I would highly recommend Salon IQ. They are constantly developing new features, our team find it easy to use and the software has amazing integrations with other services such as Colourstart.”