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Kirstie Walters, Evolve, York

We love hearing how a team at the heart of a business implements Colourstart. From the bits that go smoothly, to the biggest challenges they face, we want to hear it all.

This week, Evolve Hairdressing in York tell us all about running their colour business with a fully integrated Colourstart system. This real-world on-boarding experience is a gift and I want to share with you.

You really can’t ignore their Top Three priorities for seamless onboarding, read on…

“We’ve been using Colourstart for years, but since it’s become integrating with Phorest, the whole process has been through a paradigm shift and the system runs seamlessly”,  says Kirstie Walters, the Salon Manager of Evolve Hairdressing.

This bustling city centre salon has always taken skin testing seriously, but blob testing clients with colour proved to be inconvenient for owner, Linzi Gill, who also wanted to reduce her clients’ exposure to hair colour. Colourstart rapidly became the norm.  

“There’s no comparison between the old way of testing and Colourstart. It’s just so much easier.

“Using Colourstart with Phorest software works brilliantly. It is all so much smoother. The passport system has also enabled us to grow our colour business, because we can fill last minute colour appointments knowing that the client is ready to be coloured. It makes it so much easier for last minute appointments,” says Kirstie.  

For Evolve clients, the £15 price tag was a challenge in some cases initially, but fast forward to now, and the vast majority of clients agree it’s a sound investment. “We have a few people who don’t want to pay £15 even though some of them come in every 4-5 weeks. That’s absolutely fine. The people who were initially more reluctant now think it warrants £15 and it’s well worth it. You need to explain that it’s a one-off fee and break the cost down,” she says. 

The security that Colourstart offers the business is the biggest advantage for Kirstie. “Colourstart is so reassuring for the client knowing that you are on top of it. People can react at any time so it’s not a risk we would ever take, but with Colourstart you are fully insured.

“Implementing anything new is daunting, but it is worth it. I was nervous in the beginning about how clients would take it, but now it’s all in place, it’s brilliant, especially now that Phorest makes everything so much easier.”


Get these three things right for a successful integration.